Delivery policy

1. Order preparation

The preparation time for an order is less than 24 hours. We are committed to dispatching your package within 24 hours. [Business day]

2. Delivery time

The delivery time is 9 to 18 days.

3. Shipping rates

Shipping is rates depends on your location.

4. Delivery service

Our main delivery service is: Korea Post.

5. Returns

Yes. La Bouclette accepts returns 14 days after receipt.

6. Shipping countries during the pandemic 

During the pandemic situation here is the list of the shipping countries :

- Germany

- Luxembourg

- Russia

- Malaysia

- United States

- Vatican

- Vietnam

- Bhutan

- San Marino

- Slovenia

- United-Kingdom

- Italia

- China

- Canada

- Thailand

- Philippina

- Hong-Kong

- France

- Belgium

- Japan  

6.1 Customs

We do our best to keep you from this situation, but we cannot guarantee that customs fees will be avoided. If certain charges are added, this becomes the responsibility of the buyer.

7. Problem with order tracking

Your tracking number says that the delivery was successful but you did not receive your package?

We advise you to first go with your tracking number (which we communicate to you by email) as well as your national identity card and go to your postal center to claim your package. Your package is surely there

If this is not the case, contact us directly at the address: so that we can find a solution together.

8. DROM-COM deliveries

Deliveries in overseas France (DROM-COM) are generally longer (up to 2 months), the delivery costs remain free.

- Guadeloupe

- Guyana

- The meeting

- Martinique

- Mayotte

- New Caledonia

- Saint-Barthélemy

- Saint Pierre and Miquelon

- Saint-Martin

- Wallis and futuna

- French Polynesia